St. Lawrence Seminary Vocation Discernment


While it is too early for an adolescent to make a definitive commitment to any vocation, all young Catholics have an obligation by their baptism to be open to and willing to explore what their personal calling may be, whether within the priesthood, religious life, married or committed single life.

Besides the lived example of our faculty and staff, students are provided various opportunities to discern their vocation. St. Lawrence observes the World Day of Prayer for Vocations in April and the Week of Prayer for Vocations in January. The juniors spend a discernment day at St. Joseph Seminary and St. Clare Friary in Chicago. Seniors interested in the Capuchin Order are invited to spend a weekend in Chicago at St. Clare Friary.

Vocation Directors from various dioceses, as well as the Capuchin Vocation Directors, are always welcome to meet with students and celebrate Mass with our community.

Many students leave St. Lawrence Seminary to further discern their calling at many collegiate-level seminaries, including, but not limited to: Loyola University in Chicago, St. John Vianney Seminary, University of St. Thomas, and St. Xavier Seminary.