St. Lawrence Seminary Handbook and Honor Code

SLS Handbook / Honor Code

St. Lawrence Seminary exists as a center of Christian experience. The community at St. Lawrence recognizes the importance of safeguarding and respecting the dignity of all individuals so that they will grow in an environment conducive to Gospel values.

The Honor Code forms an agreement among the student, his parents, and the St. Lawrence Seminary community that emphasizes promises and understandings that are of importance to a successful relationship.

Each student at Saint Lawrence Seminary, upon signing the Honor Code, promises not to steal, not to possess banned materials, to demonstrate academic integrity, to use the internet resource for only appropriate purposes, and to demonstrate Christian character of respect and responsibility for persons and property. Furthermore, each student agrees to help remind his fellow students of the Honor Code that exists at Saint Lawrence Seminary and/or to assist proper school authorities in enforcing this code. Breaking of the Honor Code will lead to significant consequences and in some cases a student will be subject to dismissal.

For the actual text of the SLS Honor Code, please see the SLS Student Handbook.