St. Lawrence Seminary Safe Environment

A Safe Environment

A cornerstone of the St. Lawrence Seminary High School Mission and Value Statement is, "Safe Community – providing the physical and emotional freedom that assists learning, growing and exploring." The school takes its role of partnering with parents very seriously, and as such, sees as imperative its responsibility to provide a safe environment at all levels for every one of our students.

Safeguarding All of God's Family

St. Lawrence Seminary High School has earned Praesidium Accreditation. Praesidium is the nation's leading accrediting body for abuse risk management.  Accreditation confirms that after a long educational process and a rigorous assessment to clarify the school's responsibilities, identify best practices, and evaluate the extent to which the school is meeting defined standards, St. Lawrence Seminary High School met and exceeded all standards and achieved the highest standards for youth and child protection. These findings cover the Seminary's written policy, taught to all students, faculty and staff, and standards for protecting children, responding to allegations, and reaching out to victims.

For more information, visit and/or Pastoral Care and Conciliation

St. Lawrence Seminary High School does not tolerate sexual abuse, sexual activity, hazing or bullying, whether perpetrated by adults or students. In order to ensure an environment that is as free as possible of these behaviors, the school has designed a formal educational program and policy. All freshmen and new students participate in a presentation on sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. All students are reminded frequently that if they are uncomfortable with any situation, they should communicate their concerns with a trusted adult. All members of the faculty and staff must undergo Safeguarding All Of God's Family training for adults, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Finally, the school takes a proactive approach to prevent hazing and bullying and aggressively addresses such behavior if it occurs.


All dorms are open-bay dorms, and are supervised by adult staff members. Visitor accessibility to the dorms is restricted. 

Restricted Items

Since the school stands in the place of parents on a daily basis, the school makes every attept to ensure that students spend their time on worthwhile and proper endeavors. To that end, St. Lawrence restricts or forbids items that are otherwise commonplace in society, especially with teens. All belongings that a student brings to the school are subject to inspection by school authorities. Items that are dangerous or that go against the school's rules and values will be confiscated and destroyed. St. Lawrence Seminary has a zero tolerance policy with regard to illicit drugs and alcohol. Any student transporting to the school, using, possessing or consuming alcohol or illicit drugs will be dismissed. For more information, see the school's handbook.