Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of school is St. Lawrence Seminary High School?

St. Lawrence Seminary High School is a private, Catholic, seven-day residential school for young men, founded in 1860 by Capuchin Franciscans. It is a community and institution that exists to promote, foster, and live principles proclaimed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and articulated in the Roman Catholic Church. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Does everyone who goes to St. Lawrence become a priest?

No. St. Lawrence is a minor seminary. As such, its mission is to provide an opportunity for young Catholic men in high school to lay a foundation on which they can build a life of ministry in the Catholic Church as laymen, deacons, brothers or priests.

What percentage of St. Lawrence graduates go on to the seminary for college or on to religious life?

Most of our graduates marry and become active in ministry and as leaders in their parish. Many choose careers that impact people’s lives in a positive way.

How many St. Lawrence students are Catholic?

100% of our students are active, practicing Catholics.

What are your classrooms like?

Our teachers are lay, religious, men, women, priests, brothers, married and single.  The student-teacher ratio is 9:1.  Three teachers have a Ph..D., eight teachers have a Divinity Masters, twelve teachers have a Master's Degree, and seven have a B.A. or B.S. Degree.

How do your students compare academically with students from other schools?

St. Lawrence consistently sends 98% of our graduates on to post-secondary education. About 90% of St. Lawrence students take the ACT, achieving an average composite score between 23 - 24, higher than the State of Wisconsin and national averages, and compares well with other similar private schools in Wisconsin.

Do you offer college credit courses?

St. Lawrence offers an advanced program of study with Marian University of Fond du Lac. After successful completion of the coursework, Marian University issues a college transcript for the course. Qualified St. Lawrence teachers facilitate these classes on our campus. The material included in these classes follows Marian University syllabi and utilizes college textbooks. Classes offered as part of the dual-credit program include: Literary Genres, Modern World Literature, Calculus, Principles of Chemistry, Senior English, Senior Theology, and Biology 2.

What sports are offered at St. Lawrence?

In the fall we offer junior varsity and varsity soccer and cross-country. In the winter there is junior varsity and varsity wrestling and junior varsity and varsity basketball. In the spring we have junior varsity and varsity baseball, track and tennis. Throughout the year, those who do not participate in interscholastic sports play in a wide variety of intramurals. We also compete with other schools in forensics and math competitions.

Where do your students come from?

Our students come from all over the world and represent many social and economic backgrounds.

How diverse is the student body?

St. Lawrence Seminary admits students of any race, color and national origin.  Generally, about one-third of the students are Caucasian, one-third Hispanic, and one-third Asian.  Helping students to appreciate other cultures, as well as assisting them in gaining the necessary skills to live in a diverse community, is a strong part of the residential living program.

How many students are enrolled at St. Lawrence Seminary High School?

Our average enrollment is approximately 200.

Does St. Lawrence offer financial aid?

Yes. There are two types of financial aid.

The first is offered to all students. The actual cost of room and board and educating a St. Lawrence Seminary High School student for a year is approximately $28,000. However, the generosity of our benefactors allows St. Lawrence to keep the charge for tuition, room, and board at $13,700 per year.

There is additional need-based financial aid available for students from the United States. Upon acceptance, families receive a financial aid packet which includes an application for financial aid from an independent company. This company sends the results to the St. Lawrence Business Office which then determines the amount of financial aid that can be offered. The process generally takes six to eight weeks to complete.

What payment options are available?

Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card, or debit card. Domestic families can spread payments over one, two, four or ten installments. International families may make one or two payments a year.

Can students have cars at St. Lawrence?

No. Students are not allowed to have cars on campus. We do, however, offer Drivers’ Education as a class, for both international students and those from the United States. Students have frequent opportunities to go off campus, but they either walk, ride their bikes, or the school provides transportation.

When can I see my son? How often does he get to come home? When can I call him?

Sunday is family visiting day on campus. Students are allowed to sign out and leave campus, with the permission of the Rector, after Sunday morning liturgy, and can stay off campus until 7:00, when they must return for evening prayer.

  • Thanksgiving (generally six days)
  • Christmas (usually three weeks)
  • Spring Break (ten days) offer extended vacations.
  • There are three “home weekends” a year.
  • The Rector may extend permission for students to leave at other times for special occasions such as family weddings or funerals.
  • Families are welcome to send “care packages.”

The school publishes a list of times during which a student can normally be called to the phone; at other times messages will be taken for the students.

In cases of emergency, callers may ask to speak with the Rector. In addition, students have the use of phones from which to place outgoing calls. Students may also have cell phones with restrictions in place. All cell phones must be registered with the Dean of Students.

What is the most important thing about the admissions process?

The most important part of the admissions process is the Weekend Visit.

The Weekend Visit experience is an opportunity for young Catholic men to explore St. Lawrence as a prospective high school. This experience is open to current eighth, ninth and tenth grade students. The weekend, runs Thursday through Sunday and allows students to experience life during the course of the school year. Weekend Visitors are involved in all the normal activities, including prayer, classes, meals, and recreation.

In addition, prospective students take an admissions exam. The results are shared with both student and his parents before the end of the weekend.

Parents are asked to join on Saturday and Sunday. A shared personal experience allows for quality family dialogue relevant to this very important next step in their son's future education.

How do I find out more?

Call us at (920) 753-7570 or email us at