Campus Tour of St. Lawrence Seminary

Campus Tour

Built According to God's Plan

St. Lawrence Seminary High School is located on 150 acres in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin. The center of the campus is located atop a prominent "Hill" that serves as part of our challenging cross-country course. Eleven buildings fill the "Hill", from the traditional main building, Laurentianum, where the original St. Lawrence College met, to the beautiful, modern Chapel. These buildings hold everything the students need for daily life, including, but not limited to the Chapel, classrooms, computer lab, dorms, a gym, racquetball courts, a fitness center, a bowling alley, a store, the library, the dining hall, an auditorium and many other facilities. Along and below the hill are a softball field, two soccer fields, five tennis courts, a toboggan run and room for all kinds of “pick-up” games. Click below to visit our buildings.

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The Laurentianum

The five-story Laurentianum, also known as the Main Building, is the primary classroom building. The first floor also houses several administrative offices, including the offices of the Rector, the Academic Dean, the Dean of Students and the Director of Admissions.

The Chapel

The Chapel is the central worship space at the seminary. Students gather in the chapel for morning and evening prayers, liturgies, private prayer, graduation, and other special events.

St. Mary Hall

Connected to the Chapel through a walkway, St. Mary Hall is home to the Junior dormitory, the Student Health Office, the students dining room, also known as the refectory, and the kitchen. A study hall, student publications office, and development office are also housed in St. Mary Hall.   

St. Conrad Hall

St. Conrad Hall is connected to St. Marys Hall and the Chapel by an enclosed walkway. St. Conrad Hall hosts the auditorium where students gather for plays, movies, speakers, and all school meetings. St. Conrad Hall is also home to the library and the student computer lab.

St. Anthony Hall

St. Anthony Hall serves as a dormitory for the freshman and sophomore classes. St. Anthony Hall was newly renovated and completed for students to move in August 2014.  Vast updating and improvements have been made, along with adding numerous recreational activities in the lower levels.  Click to tour St. Anthony Hall.

St. Fidelis Hall

As the center for indoor recreational activity, St. Fidelis Hall provides a gymnasium, bowling alleys, game room, fitness center, wrestling practice rooms, coaches offices, and the office of the Director of Student Activities. The Canteen in the lower level of St. Fidelis Hall serves as the on-campus store where students can purchase snacks, share a pizza with friends, and pick up a few school supplies.

St. Thomas Hall

In the Fine Arts and Technical Education courses housed in St. Thomas Hall, students have the opportunity to learn to create pieces of art with wood and metal.  Our music department’s newly renovated band/choir room make for a wonderful area for our students to improve their musical skills.  

St. Francis Hall

The senior class occupies St. Francis Hall with its dormitory, lounge, television room and laundry.

St. Joseph Hall

Newly renovated and completed for use in August of 2016, St. Joseph Hall houses our new Welcome Center, Admissions Department, Business Office, Facilities Manager, Environmental Services, IT office, Spiritual Direction offices and classrooms throughout the building. The 3rd floor also has our new science classrooms and Heritage Room.

On March 8, 2014, a fire broke out in St. Joseph Hall. To read more about it, click here.




The Friary

Connected to the Chapel is the Friary, the living quarters for the Capuchin priests and brothers.